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Beijing CRS Metallugical Machinery Co.,Ltd. in LeadTin.com

Beijing CRS Metallugical Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Reheating furnace CRS has developed regenerative combustion systems, high efficiency preheaters, low NOx flame adjusted burner, flat flame burner and other core products. Combined with the most advanced technology of pulse combustion and controlling interval cutting off in designs, we are leading the reheating furnace towards intelligence and digitization. The reheating furnace of pusher-type is widely used for heating the billets or slabs before rolling. Charging, discharging and running the billets or slabs are through the pusher. This type of furnace requires low investment but with good temperature homogeneous, short building time and excellent economic benefits. Parameters: Type: Pusher type Material type: Billet or Slab Length(m):25~51 Width(m):6~12 Design Output:80~350t/h Fuel Type: Coke-oven gas, Mixed gas Natural gas etc.

Beijing CRS Metallugical Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Chaoyang District Beijing

Contact : Chen Elaine
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